duminică, 7 iunie 2015

Walking in Washington DC

Today my wife and I went for a walk in Washington DC.

Here are some quite interesting intriguing facts.

Yesterday, we went to a get together and we said that we were planning on taking a walk in Washington DC to see the main monuments. We were told that we have to take the car since they are quite far away from each-other. 

In reality it took us only 2-3 hours to walk, have lunch and enjoy the scenery. It seems that walking for 2-3 hours is hard to conceive for some people here.

Another interesting fact is that the area where the main monuments in Washington DC are is called "The National Mall". Interestingly, but relevantly some people expect to find a shopping mall there (?!?!?)

Overall, the area that we walked through has some resemblance with Paris (the one in France, not the 6-10 houses that form Paris in Virginia). 

All the main monuments are aligned in a straight line, just like in Paris. The 19th century architecture is dominant and Washington DC was clearly built with an aura of grandeur. 

Enjoy the pics :) 

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