luni, 30 noiembrie 2015

A visit to Philadelphia - The City of American Independence

Last weekend was Thanksgiving weekend which in the USA is a 4-days vacation (though mostly for the middle and upper classes).

My Wife and I went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - the city of American independence and the home town of Benjamin Franklin. 

It was a delight and, out of the cities we visited so far in the USA, it was the most insightful. Washington DC (where we live) has a lot to offer and Philadelphia matched the visiting experience. 

 Sky Rises in the middle of the city: 

Philadelphia City Hall - Statue of William (the Quaker) Penn - founder of Pennsylvania and Philadelphia city of "brotherly love" on top of the tower.

City Hall - French style Architecture

Masonic temple near city hall. 

Sky rise 

Statue of William (the Quaker) Penn - Founder of Pennsylvania & Philadelphia city of brotherly love; Colony of freedom of religion and social equality - rich Quakers paid for the education of all children, white or black, whose parents could not afford schooling.

Philadelphia Skyline near city hall. 

Us in front of Independence Hall - where the declaration of independence was signed.

Liberty Bell. Was situated on top of Independence Hall and ranged after the declaration of independence. 

First (second?) Bank in the USA.

At Carpenter's hall, the members of the Continental council met in secret before the declaration of independence.

Covered market in early Philadelphia. 

Various buildings 

Our Tour Guide (age 72?)

Oldest historical street in the USA with authentic houses - late 18th century.

Statue of Benjamin Franklin - Founding Father of the USA and iconic historical personality. 

Us after eating the famous Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (Bread + pork roast + Cheese). 

After the (grouse / greasy) cheese steak sandwich, we stopped to have a beer at Ray's Happy Birthday bar - a "watering whole" which seemed dubious at first, but proved to be a fantastic experience. After about 5 min we were asked why we were so quiet and when we answered (since we have an accent) we became the attraction of the evening. Everyone was eager to know where we are from, talk to us and get our opinions on anything and everything. This bodega / tavern proved to be filled with very friendly people :)     

Magic street in city center Philadelphia 

City Hall by night

History lost among skyscrapers 

Where Rocky Balboa Ran


What Rocky Saw when he reached the top of the stairs

Street mural art in Philadelphia.





Magic Gardens - where trash becomes art

Bridge(s) over the mighty Delaware river.


Just before the end: The Independence Hall again :) in perspective.