luni, 29 iunie 2015

Visiting Baltimore

Last Sunday, my wife and I went to Baltimore for a short day-trip. 

Baltimore has some similarities with Rotterdam (The Netherlands), the city we love so much.

We took a boat tour in the harbor and walked around. Luckily the weather wasn't very hot, so we could breathe. 

We saw a sugar factory that produces about 2-2.5 million tons of sugar each day... Clearly America runs on sugar.

Enjoy the pics:

Clearly, these concrete spheres aren't made for sitting. 

For those of you who watched Forest Gump - Bubba Gump company...

America runs on sugar: this is the sugar factory I mentioned earlier.

Baltimore city hall building. Quite impressive!

The Sad truth about America's poor...

If someone told me this building (below) is in The Netherlands, I would have believed without any doubt.

This beautiful building (below) was in fact the sewage pumping station.

This building (below) was the first light house in Baltimore. It used to be in the water of the harbor. Nowadays it is a museum and on the shore. 

Baltimore used to be a major entry point for European immigrants. These were the exchange rates at the time - how many dollars one would get for their European money.