luni, 22 iunie 2015

Visiting Washington DC again

Last weekend we took another trip in Washington DC. We went to the Eastern Market where we bought pickles (very tasty).

Then we decided to take a walk though the city. The sites are beautiful, but the heat and humidity ruin outdoor trips. 

Anyhow, we got to see some other sides of the (federal) city. Again, many buildings look like the typical 19th century French building. If the American flag would not be present, some buildings would very well fit in France or in Bucharest or Budapest.

Enjoy the pics (and the comments) 

I don't like quotes from famous dead people, but in this case I have to agree since I'm not immune to self-serving bias. 

A bit pornographic, but it's art :)

This is the real front side of the Capitol Building. What you usually see on TV is actually the back side...

The local specific animal - the squirrel, which is essentially a rat with a nicer outfit. 

The statue of Cristoffor Columbus discovering the new world...

And the not so nice reality of Washington DC - lots of homeless people, beggars and unfortunate people.

All underground subway (metro) stations look exactly the same: gray, without personality and kind-of-sad.

This building is right next to the White House. In my own view it is much more impressive and nicer than the White House.

This is the actual front side of the White House... what is usually shown on TV is actually the back side.

These people haven't actually met The Guy, but they know where he lives.


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