joi, 2 iulie 2015

A visit to the saddest place in Washington DC - The Holocaust Memorial

Today I went and visited one of the saddest places (on Earth... probably) 

I went to visit the Holocaust Memorial in Washington DC. I know a lot about World War II and the Holocaust. I want to know more, not because of sic pleasures (actually I was very happy that I didn't eat too much before the visit), but because we have to know our history in order to not repeat it.

What surprised me is that it was incredibly crowded and that there were lots of children. Seeing 4-14 year old youngsters who go and visits a memorial of systematic-organized mass-murder brought many feelings... Fortunately they will not repeat it...

Naturally, I was interested in what this memorial had to say about my country of birth - Romania. Now, after the visit, I wonder, why haven't I learned these things in history lessons at school? Unfortunately I know the answer.

To some extent, it is awkward to be sad and to be happy for the decision to go...

I can't say Enjoy the pictures. That would be truly out of place. Before starting the tour, an employee of the museum wished us (visitors) to have a memorable experience... that is what I wish you: