duminică, 14 iunie 2015

Visiting Annapolis

Outside the USA many people know of Indianapolis for its famous car race. Yesterday we visited Annapolis - the capital city of the state of Maryland.

Even if it has a small population of about 36.000 people, Annapolis is one of the old cities in the USA - from the mid-1600s.

Here are some pics from our trip, including seeing L'Hermione - the ship I wrote in the previous post. Apparently it is on tour, though the actual visits start in a few days (on the 16th I think).

One of the landmarks to be seen in Annapolis is the Naval Academy, which resembles any building(s) in French-Style 19th century architecture.

I still don't get the aversion Americans have towards France, since France played a huge role in the US's becoming.

Just as a good to know fact, Annapolis was the capital city of the USA when (1783) the Paris treaty was signed which acknowledged the independent country status of the USA.

Enjoy the pics:  

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